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Movement Coaching

Many of us have wanted to start some type of exercise plan. We spend time researching different types of activities, not really committing to anything. 


With the proper guidance, you can start small. It doesn't take a whole lot to become active. It all starts with a decision.




Question 1- How often do you go for a walk?


Question 2- If you have a choice, do you walk or drive?


Question 3- How far is the nearest supermaket?


Question 4- When going to work, do you commute(bus or train) or do you drive?


Question 5- In your office or place of employment, do you have access to stairs?


Question 6- In your line of work or however you spend the bulk of your time awake, are you primarily sitting?


Question 7- What are you willing to do to take charge of your health?



These are just a few questions you may want to ask yourself. You have evertything inside of you to make the change. We believe in you.


We envite you to a free consultation to find a way to start moving.


The initial consultation is approximately 30 minutes. During the session we discuss you daily routine and habits, suggests small changes that can be made immediately, and devise a plan of action that is real and doable for the individual.  Coaching packages will be discussed for stability and support.


Let us help you.


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