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Our Mission


Wellness Inspiring Spiritual Health Inc. (W.I.S.H. INC.) is our non-profit that helps to promote health and well-being through holistic practices and healthy lifestyle coaching, We start by teaching and healing the individual, touching the family, community, and eventually promoting a healthier society and world. 


We believe that by promoting healthy lifestyle practices within our community, we lead by example. By making holistic healing and practices available and affordable for everyone, we set in motion a change in how we relate to ourselves, each other, and the planet. Together, we can bring about the healing of the body, mind, and spirit, individually and collectively, inviting and ushering in a loving change for us now and for generations to come.


Our Vision


Self-Cultivation: To empower and educate through practices and programs that develop individual well-being with radiant physical health, longevity, self-empowerment, community harmony, and grounded spiritual self-realization; refining and fine-tuning the body, mind, and spirit.


Service to Society: To promote education programs, research practices, and fundamental workshops that sustain and enhance the growth of the concept of Holistic Health as a modern healing mechanism.


Global Healing: To disseminate methods of spiritual healing that have a positive impact on human populations, institutions, cultures, and ecosystems throughout the world, including and focusing on distressed areas.


Share Principles: To offer support to (and obtain support from) organizations, individuals, and businesses aligned with W.I.S.H. INC.'s mission and vision; and to nurture their activities.


Our goal is to make holistic healing practices and healthy lifestyle changes amenable to communities that would not be privileged to such practices by providing workshops, classes, and other modes of education. There is a huge health disparity in our society today and through W.I.S.H. INC. we will help to close that gap. We believe that it is everyone’s God-given right to have the ability to share in holistic health and healing and we wish to make sure that everyone has access to holistic health and healthy lifestyle coaching.

We are tax-deductible, so any donations that are made to W.I.S.H. INC. can be claimed at the end of the year.


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